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VIDEO – Coventry Property Market – February Insight.


Watch til the end to get a little bit of gossip too!

The interesting stat which appeared this month was that over 30% of tenants who registered with us during February, are looking to move out of their current property, due to maintenance issues not being dealt with, to a satisfactory level, by the landlord or their agent.

For those Landlords, reluctant to spend a little bit of money, its now going to cost them atleast 2 months’ rental income whilst they find and secure new tenants, as well as agent fees and of course, the cost to get the repairs done.

This month’s TIP: is to remember that during viewing, tenants are not only looking to judge whether they will be happy living in your property, but clues as to what you’re like as a landlord! Will have have a positive experience living in your property?

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