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STYVECHALE, Coventry – A Brief History, as told by previous residents.


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This is a brief history, as per the account of my previous clients who once resided in the area.

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A suburb of Coventry situated on the South of the City. From its Northern point, the border runs past the railway station and runs towards the A45. The Eastern side neighbours Cheylesmore, Whitley and the A46. The southern border meets Finham. And to the west, it joins Earlsdon and Canley.
Styvechale seems to have begun as a farming area in Saxon times and it seems, remained largely agricultural until the early 20th Century.
The estate came into the possession of the Gregory Family in the 16th C. The Family were later known as Gregory Hood.
The Gregory Hood family occupied Styvechale Hall which they rebuilt during the 18th Century after demolishing Styvechale Village which lay around the Parish Church of St. James, located here on Knoll Drive.

The Coat of Arms Bridge Road, so called because the arms of the Gregory Family are inscribed on both sides of the bridge carrying the Coventry to Leamington railway line.

The City Council bought the estate from the Gregory-Hood Family after the First World War and created the War Memorial Park from a major portion of the land. The whole district was officially incorporated within the extended City boundaries in 1932.

Three main roads lead out of the City passing through the estate, the Kenilworth and Leamington Roads, and the Baginton Road. A toll house stood here, at the apex of the Kenilworth and Leamington Roads until the early 60โ€™s when it was demolished and the site incorporated into whatโ€™s now called Top Green.

Styvechale Manor lies just off the Leamington Road. It became a private girlsโ€™ school before the Second World War and has since reverted to housing.

Styvechale Grange off Lonscale Drive, is a 17th-century building that was for many years used as a farm house. Most of the land surrounding it was developed to accommodate a modern estate in the 1960s. The Grange itself was converted into apartments.

Styvechale has an OBELISK! Located on Stivichal Croft and outside what was once a blacksmithsโ€™ house and forge and is dedicated to the Gregory Hood Family.

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