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Electric Wharf – A Brief History


Do you live in, or are you interested in Electric Wharf, Coventry? This is a brief history, as per the account of my previous clients. Please Like ❤️&❤️ Subscribe to my page if you’re interested in Electric Wharf’s Property Prices and Market Trends.

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So as a Sales and Lettings agent based in Coventry, I regularly sell and rent properties, here, in Electric Wharf on behalf of my clients and I thought you might like to know more about its amazing history.


Electric Wharf is located in the north side of Coventry, just outside of the City Centre meaning occupants can get to the city centre or commuter routes out of the city with relative ease


Electric Wharf was originally a power station and was built in 1895. The power station played a central role to the prosperity of the City. Not only did it use the coals from local pits, it served the growing needs of companies like Daimler, Standard and Coventry Eagle.

The Development

Complex Development Projects were responsible for the conversion and carried out the work with great success. It was nominated for several regeneration awards and won the Insider Property Award, West Midlands 2006 for Regeneration of the year. Its design is based on two themes; Environment and Innovation and It’s successful in respecting the building’s history by keeping elements like the Victorian brick, steelwork and sleepers, whilst contrasting the modern. Use of Space Electric Wharf offers Commercial Office Spaces and a variety of Residential Eco-Homes and Designer Loft-Style Apartments.


This apartment is a great example of a Loft-Style Apartment. I particularly like the exposed brick in the rooms, the steel work in the balcony and high spec contemporary fixtures and fittings.

If you’re interested in Buying or Renting a property here in Electric Wharf, please call text or WhatsApp me on 07864 942 768 to be kept updated with available properties.

Heenay Joshi
Coventry Property Expert

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