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June 19 – The Property Show


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Hi Everyone. Welcome to The Property Show. Before I talk to you about this month’s big property related headlines, please click the link in the comments section, to download your Newsletter, instantly

You might know that I create lots of property related content and the Newsletter, brings it all together, in a simple, touch-sensitive PDF.

This month, for you Buyers, Tenants and Investors, I’ve created 4 Vlogs including an increase in Affordability Ratio’s meaning that many buyers are being priced out of the market.

For Landlords, there’s a FREE downloadable Guide covering a topic All landlords are worried about; Rent Arrears.

And if you’re thinking of selling your home, I’m really excited to announce the launch for my new youtube channel, How To Sell Your Home, where there’s lots of hints and tips, whether you’re looking to sell soon, or if you’re just in the early research & planning stages.

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Heenay Joshi
Coventry Property Expert

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